Understanding ADHD - webinar september 2023

For English-speaking adults and parents of children with ADHD

The purpose of the webinar is to provide an overview and practical insight into attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children. The two-part webinar is designed to cater to participants with the necessary information and tools to better understand their ADHD or/and support their children.

The Two-Part webinar is in total 4 hours long and takes place on two Saturdays 23rd and 30th September. Each part is 2 hours.

Date and time: two Saturdays, 23rd and 30th September from 11:00-13:00.

The webinars major topic's

  • ADHD: The three major types of ADHD; symptoms and signs. ADHD in different stages in life, and how it can manifest differently in men/boys and women/girls.
  • Executive Function: How can ADHD affect your life? How does executive function influence memory, self-control, emotional management, and social development? And how to distinguish between a reason and an excuse.
  • Diagnoses: How to get diagnosed? The benefits of getting diagnosed. Coming to terms with having ADHD or your child having ADHD and finding sufficient support. How does having a neurodivergent brain affect self-esteem? What are the co-existing conditions and what to do about them?
  • Strengths: Understanding ADHD; the interest-based nervous system, boredom and attention, problems v.s possibilities, strengths, and super strengths. The sensitive adult/child and how motivation makes all the difference.
  • Understanding your own / your child's ADHD: How can ADHD affect you at school/work and in different social situations? Situational variabilities, concentration and interest, neurotypical v.s neurodivergent, the most common learning difficulties, and how the ADHD brain learns best.
  • Practical information: How to get the support you need. Social interactions and how to socialize or support your kids in making friends? Treatment options. ADHD parenting tips and how to become the parent your child needs.

The speakers and the webinar's creators

Sigrún Jónsdóttir
ADHD and Autistic Coach & Special educator (Developmental Therapist)

Kristbjörg Kona Kristjánsdóttir
ADHD Coach


Webinar price and registration:

29.000 kr. For ADHD association members: Register here

34.000 kr. Non members: Register here


Members of the ADHD association receive a discount on the participation fee, join the association here: https://www.adhd.is/is/styrkja/gerast-felagsmadur-adhd

For more information, you can contact the ADHD association on phone 581 1110 or via our email address: adhd@adhd.is